Ancient Greek

Contemplating with the Greek philosophers in Rome, Italia.

Greek and Democracy

Democracy (dēmokratía i.e. rule by the people) first emerged in the city-state (polis) of Athens in Ancient Greece, and has been endorsed, notwithstanding the rise and fall of various political ideals in the time between, as the system of governance par excellence in the modern era. Crucial to democracy is universal suffrage, which ensures everyone…

Bust of Socrates in the Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland.

Corrupting the Youth

In 399 B.C., accused by Meletus, Anytus and Lycon, Socrates was charged with the crimes of impiety against the gods of Athens and corruption of the youth. A jury of five hundred Athenian citizens found Socrates guilty in the first trial and the subsequent trial issued a death penalty proposed by Meletus. A number of…

Wandering around on Šipan, Elaphiti Islands, Croatia.

Ship of Theseus

There is a fascinating story called the Ship of Theseus. It is about whether a ship would remain the same if it was entirely replaced, piece by piece. That is to say, an object constitutes all its temporal parts, past and future alike. The Ship of Theseus is, ergo, the one with its original planks…