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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the Users

Of the latest trouble in tech is information privacy, which can be breached by means of a malware outbreak or by intent of often a commercial nature. Severe damage can be infected by either type of data breach, yet more devastating is often the later form, for it often comprises a breach in the trust of the users involved. The…

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Meltdown, Spectre and the Security Tradeoff

There is hardly a day goes by without news on cybersecurity flaws or malware outbreak. None so far, however, is quite like Meltdown and Spectre. First discovered by Project Zero at Google, they were reported to the affected hardware chip developers in as early back as in June, 2017. Both of them essentially take advantage of…

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WannaCry and the Hardware Perspective

Infecting more than 250,000 computers, in 116 countries, was not an easy feat, and to have accomplished such in merely days, there we have the worst ransomware outbreak in history. Investigations were done and much was revealed. Like all ransomware, WannaCry’s goal was to extract ransom money from the infected by encrypting the computer data…