At the John Rylands Library in Manchester, England.

Compassion, Kindness and Knowledge

The more you know of a particular topic, of academic or of trade, not only the more you understand how little you do know in that particular topic,…

The Old Man and the Street in Lisboa, Portugal.

The World and You

What if everyone in the world is just like you? What you like and don’t like about says a lot about you.

Jumping into the Adriatic Sea in Saranda, Albania.

Fear of Failure. Fear of Regret.

Being bold doesn’t mean to have no fear. Fear is innate and is one of our strongest drives. Being bold means to recognise and embrace our fear, and…

Five-a-side on grass in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Goal and Expectation

Goal sets, in stone, an expectation. Without a goal, anything that is not worse than nothing, is an achievement. With a goal, anything below it, however good of…

Tram climbing a hill in Lisboa, Portugal.

Equality Doesn’t Mean Justice

Equality means giving everyone the same neglecting the differences we are born without a choice of. Justice means enabling everyone to come about the same accepting the fact…